The Addams Family Auditions

Auditions for School of Rock & The Addams will take place at the same time. Those interested in auditioning for both productions will only need to complete one audition.

Audition Times

Sunday, April 21 @ 6PM
Monday, April 22 @ 7PM

Callbacks, if needed, will take place in the evening on Tuesday, April 23.

Performers should plan to arrive at the start of the audition time. Please contact casting@thegrandoperahouse.com if you cannot be there at the top of the audition time.

Actors will be notified if they are needed for callbacks. If you are not called back, it does not mean you are not being considered for a role.


Auditions will be held at the Grand’s Rehearsal space in the Arcade Building, 880 Locust St., Suites 222 and 228.  Please enter through the Locust Street entrance.  When you enter, take the stairs on the right to the second floor.  The rooms are right at the top of the stairs. 


July 12, 13, 18, 19 & 20 @ 7:30 PM
July 14 & 21 @ 2:00 PM

This production is open to adult actors, currently in high school and above, as well as one youth actor, currently in middle or high school.

Full Company rehearsals will begin tentatively May 28. Rehearsals will typically run between 6:30-9:30 PM Mon. – Fri, with the possibility of some weekend rehearsals.

Dress/Technical/Brush-Up Rehearsals July 8 – 11. and 17. Availability for dress/technical rehearsals and all performances is mandatory.

Detailed Rehearsal schedules will be made available upon the completion of casting.

Joe Klinebriel

Vocal Music Director
Kristen Eby

Megan MacLeod


  • Digital audition form. Fill this out prior to your arrival by clicking the button below to save time at auditions. Those auditioning should be prepared to list all conflicts or potential conflicts that overlap with a production’s rehearsal and performance schedule. Those wishing to audition for both The Addams Family and School of Rock only need to complete one audition form.
  • Come dressed to move as the audition will start with a short movement/dance call.
  • Prepare a 1 min cut (approximately 32 bars) of a musical theater song in the style of either show. Please bring sheet music in the correct key; an accompanist will be provided.

Alternate Audition and Video Submissions:
Actors unable to attend auditions may submit an audition video to casting@thegrandoperahouse.com.  Video submissions should contain 32 bars of a musical theater song in the style of the show showcasing range and a 1-minute comedic or dramatic monologue. Adding a dance section to your audition tape is optional. Video submissions must be received no later than 6pm Monday, April 22.


The creative team seeks a diverse company of adult actors, currently in high school and above, as well as one youth actor, currently in middle or high school. Actors of all ethnicities will be equally considered for all roles and actors of color are encouraged to audition. All roles are open.

Gomez Addams (baritone, male-identified, any ethnicity) – A suave man of Spanish descent who adores his wife and children and takes immense pride in being an Addams. Gomez finds himself trapped between his daughter and his wife, being forced to hide Wednesday’s big secret from Morticia. He has great comedic timing and is a strong dancer.

Morticia Addams (mezzo-soprano, female-identified, any ethnicity) – The beautiful, leggy and mysterious head of the Addams family who believes strongly in family tradition. Morticia is unnerved thinking that Gomez is hiding something from her and that her relationship with her daughter isn’t what it used to be. She is confident and sexy with a side of dry wit.

Uncle Fester (baritone/tenor, male-identified, any ethnicity) – Serving as the musical’s comedic narrator, Uncle Fester brings their own unique personality to the show. They are lovable, childish, enthusiastically strange, and highly incorrigible (except for the good nature of the family and the ignorance of the police, they would ordinarily be under lock and key!).

Grandma (alto/mezzo- soprano, female-identified, any ethnicity) – Fun, quirky and very feisty, Grandma always has a trick up her sleeve and is often cooking up schemes. She is wise, wacky, and sometimes a bit crass. She has great comedic timing and versatile character physicality, definitely not a typical sweet grandmotherly figure.

Wednesday Addams (mezzo-soprano, female-identified, any ethnicity) – Goth big sister Wednesday has her father’s heart and her mother’s sensibility (as well as her deadly dry wit). Having fallen in love with a “normal” boy, Wednesday must figure out how to introduce him and his parents to her unique family. Wednesday showcases compassion, a bit of stubbornness, and a strong will.

Pugsley Addams (tenor/alto, male-identified, any ethnicity) – Pugsley is a funny, inventive, and sometimes annoying little brother who loves to be tortured by his big sister. Aware that family dynamics are changing around him, he wants to ensure he won’t lose his sister, so he takes matters into his own hands. Believably age 12 but may be played by a youth/teen/ actor.

Lurch (bass, male-identified, any ethnicity) – A man of few words, Lurch is the Addams family butler. His unmistakable commanding presence is accented by grunts, moans, and deliberate movement. Must have great non-verbal story-telling abilities.

Mal Beineke (baritone/tenor, male-identified, any ethnicity) – is the uptight father of Wednesday’s boyfriend, Lucas, and exasperated husband to his rhyming wife, Alice. Once a faithful follower of a grungy, dark band, he has long submerged that side of himself to become a stereotypical businessman, obsessed with his family’s future and impressing others. He finds the Addams far too bizarre for his liking.

Alice Beineke (mezzo-soprano, female-identified, any ethnicity) – Lucas’s mother and Mal’s wife, Alice is a lovely housewife who is devoted to her family. Always charming and cheerful, Alice’s only flaw seems to be a quirky tendency to speak in rhymes. That is, until she accidentally drinks a potion at dinner with the Addams and learns to unleash her wild side.

Lucas Beineke (baritone/tenor, male-identified, any ethnicity) – Smart, attractive, and a bit dorky, ‘normal guy’ Lucas has fallen head over heels in love with Wednesday and intends to marry her. He is optimistic and hopeful yet struggles to find the balance between his ‘normal’ family and the macabre Addams.

The Addams Ancestors