Patron Policies

The Grand Opera House takes the safety of our Patrons, Performers, Volunteers, and Staff seriously. It is our goal to make your trip to the theater as safe as possible, while also making a wonderful memory for you. To that end, we have made some changes to the traffic flow as you enter and move around the building, patron and volunteer policies, and cleaning procedures. For more information about these changes please see the below information.  

1. All Patrons must wear a mask at all times while inside the building. This policy is in accordance with current local guidelines and is for your safety and the safety of those around you, as well as our staff and volunteers. Masks may only be removed if you are enjoying snacks or beverages from concessions or Rotary. If you are not able to comply with this, we are offering streaming options for most of our events. Anyone not following our mask rules, will be asked to leave without a refund. No Exceptions.

2. Only certain seats will be available for each production. We will be blocking off seating for social distancing. Seats will be available in groups of 2, 3 or 4. We request that you choose seats from the available seating chart. If you have a special circumstance that you need to sit in a larger group, please contact the Box Office at (563) 588-1305. Accomodations will be in the balcony only and we cannot accomodate groups larger than 6 under any circumstance. If you remove the barriers to sit in a larger group your entire group may be asked to leave without a refund.

3. We ask that as you enter and exit the building and while in the theater you observe social distancing and follow the requests of our staff and ushers if they ask you to allow for space between parties.

4. We do ask any patrons who are feeling ill, or who have been in contact with anyone feeling ill, or who have had a positive COVID-19 test and have not been cleared by a medical professional to not attend the theater.

5. We will have a temperature check point at the main doors of the building as each patron enters. Patrons with a temperature of more than 100.4 degrees  will not be allowed in the building.

6. Our lobby and house will both open half an hour before the performance, when the house opens you will be able to go directly to your seats. No patrons will be allowed in the building until 30 minutes before the performance. We ask that when you are inside the building you follow the signage, floor markings, and directions of our staff and volunteers. 

7. Our Concessions stand, and Rotary beer and wine sales will be open before the start of the show. We request that you wait to enjoy your concession items until you have returned to your seat. Masks will be required at all times in the lobby area. Masks should only be removed while you are seated in your seat and only to eat or drink.

8. We have implemented a new cleaning and disinfecting protocol after each performance and before each audience enters. Bathrooms, seating areas, and all public areas are thouroughly cleaned with a disinfectant after every performance, and high touch surfaces are wiped down immediately before audiences are allowed in the building. 

9. No one, other than the performer and theater staff will be allowed on the stage or in any backstage areas. No exceptions.

10. There will be hand sanitizer stations set up at various access points in the building for the use of our patrons.

Please know, we are doing everything we can to bring live entertainment back is a safe and responsible way for our staff, volunteers, and patrons. As we all navigate these changes please be patient with your fellow patrons, our volunteers ushers and concessions workers, and staff.