The Nutcracker Ballet

The Dubuque City Youth Ballet presents

An Annual Dubuque Christmas Tradition!

December 11, 17 and 18 – 7:30pm
December 12 and 19 – 2pm

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The Dubuque City Youth Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker is a yearly tradition for many families in the tri-state area and beyond. Join the incredibly talented students as they dance through the journey of Clara meeting her Nutcracker and the adventures they have through a world of mice and fairies. With something new each year, this show is always a treat.

Cast List for the Nutcracker Ballet

Act I, Scene 1 – The Party

Clara – Ava Hoelscher
Clara’s Parents – Emily Duehr, Ben Hoelscher
Fritz – Noah Ripperger
Drosselmeyer — Tom Taylor 
Clara’s Friends – Hannah Tracy, Lilly Anderson, Evelyn Fern, Katie Davis, Lily Graham
Party Guests – Moira McKeon, Annabelle McKeon, Urbana McMillan, Lauren Jimo, Sarah Fern, Amanda Smith; Chris Maiers, John B. Donovan, Dave Klavitter, Grant Grudzina, Mark McKeon, Mason Jaeger.
Mechanical Dolls – Marissa Iverson, Abigail Jones, Chloe Hearn
Toy Soldiers – Iver Johnstad, Mack McKeon, Annika Bodensteiner, Jacey Burkle, Lauren Drolema, Misha McCarthy

Act I, Scene 2 – Battle and Journey through the Land of Snow

Enchanted Nutcracker – Mason Jaeger
King Rat – Noah Ripperger
Mice – Aili Jones, Gillian Dowe, Nevaeh Pazhoor, Rory Monthey
Rats – Natalia Kurtz, Kaitlyn Poirier, Lilliana Tracy, Laurelyn Vanderlinde
Cavalry – Claire Hillary, Violet Miller, Alexandra Wethal
Battle Soldiers – Addison Shade, Maddie Tracy, Ben Klavitter, Apollo Bellings
Icicles – Josephine McKeon, Soraya Munson, Nora Nieto, Paige Schweikert, Angelina Steinlage, Serena Vosberg
Queen of Snow – Petra Bergsma
Principal Snow – Ruthanne Haug, Tessa Berning, Elianna Mitchell, Hannah Witter
Snowflakes – Anna Besler, Jenna Smith, Carissa Stockel, Aceillia Ahlstrom, Ami Bellings, Adah Bergsma, Lily Kern, Natalie Kuhle

Act II, Scene 1 – The Land of Dolls and Sweets

Sugarplum Fairy – Tessa Berning
Peppermint Toffees – Evelyn Fern, Katie Davis, Annabelle McKeon, Moira McKeon, Urbana McMillan, Madeline Gerdes, Lily Graham
Parade of Dolls – Elise Babler, Peyton Moran, Naomi Rolling, Elise Sheehan, Eden Thomas
Principal Spanish – Elianna Mitchell, Robert Bennett
Spanish – Claire Hillary, Violet Miller, Alexandra Wethal, Ben Klavitter, Apollo Bellings
Principal Arabian – Hannah Witter
Arabian – Paige Schweikert, Natalia Kurtz, Kaitlyn Poirier, Laurelyn Vanderlinde
Principal Chinese – Jenna Smith
Chinese – Josephine McKeon, Soraya Munson, Nora Nieto, Angelina Steinlage, Serena Vosberg
Principal Russians – Anna Besler, Noah Ripperger
Russians – Gillian Dowe, Aili Jones, Rory Monthey, Nevaeh Pazhoor, Addison Shade, Lilliana Tracy, Maddie Tracy
Principal Flute – Carissa Stockel
Flutes – Tessa Belken, Willa Berning, Lillian Boettner, Elliana David, Vivian Hoelscher, Miriam Keister, Eliza Lindsey, Hattie Peterson, Stella Thier

Act II, Scene 2: The Enchanted Garden

Red Rose – Ruthanne Haug
Belles – Petra Bergsma(Principal), Aceillia Ahlstrom, Chloe Hearn
Mums – Elianna Mitchell, Hannah Witter, Jenna Smith, Anna Besler, Carissa Stockel
Zinnias – Marissa Iverson, Lilly Anderson, Abigail Jones, Hannah Tracy, Adah Bergsma, Lily Kern, Natalie Kuhle, Ami Bellings
Pas de Deux – Clara and Nutcracker Prince

Tickets & Streaming

Saturday, December 11th 7:30pm

Sunday, December 12th 2:00pm

Friday, December 17th 7:30pm

Saturday, December 18th 7:30pm

Sunday, December 19th 2:00pm


Clara – Anna Besler
Clara’s mother – Megan MacLeod
Party guests – Natalie Kuhle
Clara’s friends – Madeline Gerdes
Mechanical Dolls – Lily Kern
Toy Soldiers – Ethan Gerdes
Queen Rat – Elizabeth Kelsey
Rats – Vivian Hoelscher
Mice – Hattie Peterson
Battle Soldiers – Mack McKeon
Cavalry – Eliza Lindsey
Snow Queen – Jenna Smith
Principal Snow – Carissa Stockel

Snowflakes – Evelyn Fern
Sugarplum Fairy – Ruthanne Haug
Peppermint Toffees – Lauren Jimo
Principal Spanish – Chloe Hearn
Principal Arabian – Aceillia Ahlstrom
Principal Chinese – Abigail Jones
Principal Russian – Hannah Tracy
Principal Flute – Ava Hoelscher
Red Rose – Petra Bergsma
Principal Belle – Adah Bergsma
Belle – Moira McKeon
Mum – Ami Bellings
Zinnia – Annabelle McKeon

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