Read The Full Story: Sleeping Beauty

Read The Full Story: Sleeping Beauty

The Heartland Ballet presents Sleeping Beauty at the Grand Opera House April 2, 3, 9 & 10, 2022. Read the story of the ballet here.

Once Upon a Time…

Act I

The Christening –

A celebration is taking place in an Ancient Court. A kind and good King and Queen have at last had their greatest wish granted: a child has been born. All the good fairies have been invited to take part in Princess Aurora’s Christening, and each has brought a gift to give: Vivacity, Kindness, Joy, and Courage. The courtier Catalabutte has made sure of every detail—but a young court page brings forward the awful truth: the fairy Carabosse has been forgotten!

Carabosse arrives in a dark whirlwind, bringing awful Dragons to terrify all. She asserts her right to see the baby, and the child’s Nurse brings her forward. Carabosse announces that she, too, brings a gift! The evil fairy proclaims that when Aurora reaches her 16th birthday, she will prick her finger on a spindle and die. All are horrified, but the majestic Lilac Fairy steps forward. She has not yet given her gift, and she softens Carabosse’s curse. Instead of death, Aurora will sleep for 100 years, and will awaken with the Kiss of True Love.

The Spell –

It is 16 years later, and the King has forbidden any needles or spindles anywhere in the land. Merry young women are caught by Catalabutte with the forbidden objects, but when the Queen sees that they are only trying to mend their ragged clothing, she begs the King to grant mercy in honor of the special day.

Young maidens of the court dance a beautiful Garland Waltz to begin the festivities of Aurora’s 16th birthday. When the beautiful princess arrives, she is met with four handsome suitors, and she dances the famous Rose Adagio with them in order to choose her future husband.

A ragged, old beggar-woman arrives to offer Aurora a humble bouquet, concealing a golden spindle. The naïve princess dances with the unfamiliar object as all try to take it from her. She pricks her finger and collapses, and the beggar-women reveals herself to be Carabosse! The court is in uproar, but the Lilac Fairy arrives to remind all of the nature of the Spell: Aurora will sleep for 100 years, and will awaken with the Kiss of True Love.

Act II

The Vision

100 year later, a Prince and his friends are making merry in the forest. The Prince, lonely and melancholy, soon leaves his friends behind, but is cheered by the arrival of an energetic young Fawn, Raccoon, and Hummingbird! They go further and further into the forest, led on by the Lilac Fairy and her good fairies, until they find the sleeping Princess Aurora. The Prince’s animal friends fight with Carabosse’s horrid Dragons, but the Prince triumphs and bestows the Kiss of True Love on the sleeping princess. She awakens, breaking the Spell, and falls instantly in love with the Prince.

The Wedding

A grand celebration begins with a majestic Mazurka, performed by the Court of the New Era. All the fairies, including beautiful Emerald and Sapphire with their Diamonds, sparkle and dance to bless the Wedding. Aurora has also invited her favorite fairy-tale characters to attend, including Puss-in-Boots and the White Cat, Princess Florina and her Bluebirds, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, and other Fairy-Tale Guests! Aurora dances a majestic pas de deux with her Prince, and the Lilac Fairy presides over their wedding ceremony.

And they all lived Happily Ever After…

Sleeping Beauty will be performed in front of a live audience at the Grand Opera House and will also be streamed online. Click the button below for streaming access and tickets.

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