Ole and Lena

Ole and Lena are back!

Lena saw a couple renew their vows on Dr. Phil and decides that’s what she and Ole are going to do for their 50th wedding anniversary; but the only thing on Ole’s mind these days is the Lodge’s ice fishing tournament, and how he and his neighbor, Sven, are going to win the “whole deal.” Will Lena get Ole to the altar to renew his vows? Will Ole talk Sven into covering for him so they can both fish in the tournament? Find out in this comedy about love, marriage, and growing old together.

Real-life husband and wife Michael and Julie Bateson have brought the lovably dim-witted Scandinavian couple of Ole and Lena to life. Not just a series of Ole and Lena jokes this wonderfully fun play about life, love and growing old together. There is just the right amount of improv with some interactive audiences segments thrown in for good measure. 

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