Executive and Artistic Director Message

A Message from the Executive and Artistic Director, Frank McClain

To the Grand community of patrons, volunteers, technicians, and performers I want to say thank you for making this theater so special.  In mid-May I will be resigning my position at the Grand Opera House.  I will be forever grateful to the Grand for giving me the opportunity to return to my hometown, work in this beautiful theater and be close to my family.  There is no one reason I am choosing to leave my position at this time but rather a feeling that has been growing that tells me it is time to move on and a desire to take some time off to rejuvenate and then try something new.  I do not intend to leave Dubuque, at least not in the near future, and am looking forward to staying involved in the community in other ways.   

When you work in a theater with this much history you come in knowing that no matter the length of your tenure you are a temporary steward who stands on the shoulders of giants.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of that history and grateful to all of you who have made my time here so special.  This has been a challenging year, a time when we couldn’t fully do what we do best, gather in large numbers to celebrate with music and dance and laughter.   But I see light at the end of the tunnel, and I am confident the Grand will continue to grow and evolve and do what it has done for the past 130 years; entertain and inspire. 

With Gratitude,

Frank McClain
Executive and Artistic Director
The Grand Opera House