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The Grand Opera House seeks a diverse company of actors and is committed to equal opportunity and a flexible, non-traditional casting policy.

It’s A Wonderful Life

The Grand Opera House Announces Auditions for

It’s A Wonderful Life

The Grand Opera House will present It’s A Wonderful Life Based on the Liberty Films Motion Picture Directed by Frank Capra. Performances are on November 24 & 25 and December 1 & 2 at 7:30pm and November 26 and December 3 at 2:00pm

A stage adaptation of the classic movie starring James Stewart is sure to be the perfect start to the Holiday Season. It’s not only a joyful Christmas tale — it’s the gorgeous love story of George and Mary Bailey, a vivid portrait of the Greatest Generation, a descent into the darkest hour of a man trapped by circumstance, and a powerful meditation on what makes a meaningful life.

Director: Michelle Blanchard 

6:00 PM Saturday, September 30th – Kids Audition
7:00 PM Saturday, September 30th
1:00 PM Sunday, October 1st – Kids Audition
2:00 PM Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Call backs:
1:00 PM Saturday, October 7th

*Actors wishing to audition but are unavailable to arrive at the start of the audition time should call the Grand Opera House business office at 563-588-4356 to give an approximate arrival time.


Location: Auditions will be held at the Grand’s Rehearsal space in the Arcade Building, 880 Locust St., Suites 222 and 228.  Please enter though the alley entrance located between Locust and Main.  When you enter go up just past the first hallway and take the stairs on the left to the second floor.  The rooms are right at the top of the stairs.

Rehearsals will begin Thursday, October 19th. Those auditioning should be prepared to list all conflict or potential conflicts between October 19th and December 3rd.  Availability for evening dress rehearsals November 19th – 22nd and all performances is mandatory.  There will not be rehearsal on November 23rd (Thanksgiving). Rehearsals may possibly run anytime from 7-10 pm Monday through Friday and various times on the weekend depending on necessity. NOTE: Rehearsal dates and times are NOT set in stone and will be determined by the availability of the cast!

Actors will be asked to read from the show. Audition sides will be available from the Grand Opera House Business Office in advance, on the audition page of the Grand’s website, or the day of the audition. For additional information please contact Executive and Artistic Director, Frank McClain at

Seeking Actors


George Bailey (20s-30s) A young man filled with big dreams that he sees slipping away until he is faced with a stark future.

Henry Potter (50+) A grounded business man, who runs to town of Bedford Falls with a financial iron fist.

Clarence (200+) Angel, Second Class. An ageless, yet naïve guardian angel.

Mary Hatch-Bailey (20s-30s) The supportive and independent wife of George Bailey. She is the glue that holds his world together.

Mr. Gower (doubles) (40s-50s) The beneficent, if troubled, town druggist.

Bert (doubles) (20s-30s) The local police officer, and George’s best friend.

Uncle Billy (doubles) (40s-50s) George’s forgetful Uncle and business partner.

Harry Bailey (doubles) (20s) George’s bright eyed kid brother, who goes off to save the world, while George holds down the homefront.

Mother Bailey (doubles) (40s-50s) The world weary and put upon mother of George and Harry, who leads them gently down their respective paths.

Violet Bick (doubles) (20s-30s) A friend of George Bailey’s since childhood.

Tilly (doubles) (30s-40s) The Bulding and Loan’s loyal Secretary

Young George/Peter Bailey II (10-15)

Young Harry/Tommy Bailey (7-12)

Young Violet/ Janie (10-15)

Young Mary (may double) (7-12)

Zuzu (may double) (7-10)

Audition Scenes/Sides

*Each role listed above has 1 or more scenes to prepare below. You do not need to have these memorized, but you should be familiar with them and be able to read them smoothly. You may not be asked to read all of the scenes associated with each character.

Young Harry & Young George
If you are auditioning for either of the boys roles please be prepared to read both parts.

Violet, Mary, George
If you are auditioning for Violet, Mary or George either young or adult or adult Harry, Bert, Clarence, or Tilly. Please be prepared to read all parts.

Potter, Secretary, Reineman
Please prepare the following:
If you are auditioning for Potter or Mr. Gower -Potter
If you are auditioning for Mr. Gower or Ma Bailey – Reineman
If you are auditioning for Violet or Tilly – Secretary

Ma Bailey, Harry, George
Please prepare the following:
If you are auditioning for Ma Bailey or Tilly – Ma Bailey
If you are audtioning for Harry or Uncle Billy – Harry
If you are auditioning for George or Bert -George

George & Mary
Please prepare to read this scene if you are auditioning for George or Mary.

Clarence & Joseph
Please prepare the following:
If you are auditioning for Clarence, Uncle Billy or Harry – Clarence
If you are auditioning for Bert or Harry – Joseph

*If you are unsure of which character you should audition for, please prepare to read both parts of the Clarence and Joseph selection (men and women).

Terror at the Grand

The Grand Opera House is seeking

Goblins, Ghouls, and Ghosts of all ages

Is your favorite holiday Halloween? Do you enjoy scaring people? Want an excuse to wear your Halloween costume for a whole weekend? The Grand Opera House is looking for people to help make their second annual Haunted House a “scary good time”!

Terror At The Grand Opera House, our annual Haunted House, will take place on the following days:

Friday, October 27th Light Fright 6:00pm-7:30pm, Full Fright 8:00pm-11:00pm
Saturday, October 28th Light Fright 6:00pm-7:30pm, Full Fright 8:00pm-11:00pm
Sunday, October 29th Light Fright 5:00pm-7:30pm, Full Fright 8:00pm-10:00pm
Monday, October 30th Light Fright 5:00pm-7:30pm, Full Fright 8:00pm-10:00pm


Seeking Mayhem Makers

Set up Crew: The Set up crew will begin setting up throughout the Grand Opera House the week of October 16th. These individuals will work with the Grand’s Technical Director, Tracey Richardson, to set up all of the various stations. This includes some construction, as well as creative prop building, and costume collection and construction. Work times can be arranged to work with crew members personal schedules.

Performers: Performers will be needed the nights of the event. Performers will be given specific areas and tasks. Costumes and makeup can be provided by the theater. Performers are not required to be at all 4 days of the event.

Strike Crew: The Strike crew will work with our Technical Director to restore the theater to its original condition. Some work will be done on Monday night after the final tour, additional help will be needed on Tuesday, October 31st and Wednesday, November 1st.

If you are interested in participating in Terror at the Grand Opera House please contact Michelle Blanchard at or by phone at (563)588-1305.

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