About Us

Mission Statement

To preserve and enhance The Grand Opera House as a venue for community theater performance, dance, music
and film, to contribute to the economy and inspire the Tri-State Area through support of the arts.

Vision Statement

The Grand Opera House
The Grand Opera House is:

  • A regional venue for excellent community and professional theater; concerts; film and educational programs.
  • A catalyst for community events, festivals, and cultural gatherings.
  • A cultural and economic anchor that continues to attract new energy, resources, and artistic possibilities for the tri-state area.
  • A theater designed to sustain its operations long-term and year-round while growing its audience and creativity

Values Statement

The Grand Opera House

  • Volunteers are the heart of our operation; without them, we would not exist.
  • We are committed to continuous quality improvement and encouragement of creativity.
  • We will always treat our patrons and donors with respect and courtesy.
  • We will treat our paid staff as professionals.
  • We will support and encourage the continued growth of the tri-state arts community.


Board of Directors

Mary Kay Pancratz ~ President
Chad Witthoeft ~ President Elect
Hunter Fuerste ~ Secretary/Treasurer
Steve Fisher ~ Past President
Janet Burrow ~ Member
Steve Juergens ~ Member
John Lease ~ Member
Peter Soraparu ~ Member
Chad Witthoeft ~ Member
Tim Breitfelder ~ Member
Tara Brock ~ Member

Production Board

Artistic Director – Frank McClain
Technical Director – Tracey Richardson
Office Manager – Sherri Furuseth
Box Office – Michelle Blanchard
Concessions – Michelle Blanchard
Costumes – Gloria Fitzpatrick & Michelle Blanchard
House Manager – Helen Kilburg
Hair and Makeup – Michelle Blanchard
Playreading – Janet Burrow
Props – Lynda Mackie
Publicity – Michelle  Blanchard & Frank McClain
Board Representative – Hunter Fuerste


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